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The Ideal Viewing Setup

Ideal Mario Marathon Viewing Setup

Let's face it, the Mario Marathon is big business! The hundreds of thousands of viewers, tens of thousands of dollars, and days of gaming cannot be fully experienced just anywhere. To fully experience the Mario Marathon, you'll need to equally awesome setup.

Luckily, Nathan Weick aka Tofuboi has provided us with details of the "ideal viewing setup". It's pretty simple really.

First, you'll need a 120 inch (do Australian's use inches?) projector display and something to get a big image on that screen. Nathan recommends the Dell 1609WX Widescreen Projector.

The Mario Marathon is broadcast in stereo, but that's not going to cut it on your end. You're going to need multiple speakers. About nine to be exact. Nathan recommends the Sony Mu-Te-Ki HT-DDW7000 7.2 Speaker System with not one, but two subwoofers! Imagine the base on Couch Dog's barks!

Now this may be excessive for some of our viewers. Luckily, we have global viewing stations such as the Mana Bar, Australia's First Video Game Bar. We'll be live on the big screens there all day this Saturday.

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