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Mario Marathon 3 has finished. Thank You!

LEGO Animations

We've made several videos to share as part of Mario Marathon 3. Here are a couple of stop-motion LEGO animations for your viewing enjoyment!



Promotion Achievements Promotion Achievements

We've got a lot to accomplish to make Mario Marathon 3 the biggest yet, so we've created a list of achievements. To unlock them all, we will need your help!

Mario Marathon Prizes Contests / Prizes

We're giving away T-Shirts, autographed Penny Arcade books, and much more! Find out how you can win.

Ideal Viewing Setup The Ideal Viewing Setup

MM Australia correspondent Tofuboi provides thoughts on the Ideal Viewing Setup for Mario Marathon,

Mario Sunshine FLUDD Building the FLUDD

The FLUDD makes it's appearance in Mario Marathon 3! Learn how we built it in this article.

Mario Marathon Video Setup Running a Game Marathon

Learn everything that goes into creating the Mario Marathon and perhaps host your own!

NSMB Wii Propeller Helmet Building the Propeller Helmet

The Propeller Helmet comes to Mario Marathon 3! See how it was made, step by step.

Stop Motion LEGO movies Stop Motion LEGO movies

Checkout these stop motion LEGO movies made by the Mario Marathon Team!