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Mario Marathon Promotion Achievements

Each year we have a list of goals for promoting the Mario Marathon. This year we're making the goals public as a list of unlockable "Promotion Achievements".

DO NOT SPAM web sites with tips about our event. Trust us, everyone that needs to know already knows. If you have some inside connection that might help us let us know, but the best way to help out is to donate. The more successful we are as a fundraiser, the more people will take notice.

Unlocking these achievements results in special rewards such costumes, song and dance, and physical challenges.

Wil Wheaton Call from the Future (unlocked - Thx Wil)

Wil Wheaton is the front man for an entire culture. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly at PAX East this year where he signed a photo of himself at an event called the Super-Mario-Thon. Unlocked when Wil Wheaton calls into Mario Marathon to explain this photo (DO NOT SPAM)

Something Awful The Internet Makes You Stupid (unlocked)

I didn't know what Something Awful was, then thousands of viewers arrived from their forums during last years Mario Marathon. Turns out it's like the biggest forum community in the world. Unlocked when we gain the support of the Something Awful community

Reddit I Reddit online last night (unlocked)

The discussions on Reddit are golden, often outweighing the posts. In the past the Reddit community has had mixed emotions about the Mario Marathon, can we live up to their expectations this year? Unlocked when a submission discussing Mario Marathon 3 hits the front page of

DIGG Can you Digg it? (locked)

Unlocked when a news article discussing Mario Marathon 3 hits the front page of

OMG we're on TV! OMG we're on TV! (unlocked)

Unlocked when the Mario Marathon 3 is mentioned on a television broadcast

Penny Arcade After you make that jpeg... (unlocked - Thanks Tycho)

In addition to founding Child's Play Charity, Penny Arcade makes jpegs, funny, often video game related, jpegs. They also write about those jpegs, and it turns out a lot of people read what they write. Unlocked when Gabe or Tycho posts something about Mario Marathon 3 on (DO NOT SPAM)

Kotaku Climb the Kotaku Tower (locked)

Guys playing video games all weekend is hardly news, even when it's for charity. Gawker Gaming site Kotaku knows this, which makes it incredibly difficult for a game marathon to be featured on that site. However, Kotaku happens to be my favorite gaming site. Unlocked when a post about Mario Marathon 3 appears on Kotaku (DO NOT SPAM)

Twitter He's quite a trend setter! (locked)

Unlocked when Mario Marathon becomes a trending topic on twitter.

G4 Attack of the Show Rescue Princess Olivia (locked)

Olivia Munn is the co-host of G4's Attack of the Show. It's a kind of gamer/techie/g4 version of the Daily Show (which she's also on). A daily dose of awesomesauce. Unlocked when Mario Marathon is mentioned on air or on Twitter by a G4 host. (DO NOT SPAM)

Facebook Our Shares are through the Roof! (unlocked)

Unlocked when a link to shared on Facebook over 5,000 times.

Girls love games too! Girls love games too! (unlocked - Thx Felicia Day)

Gamers aren't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of famous females, but I'm sure there is at least one such celebrity that can back our cause. Unlocked each time a tweet mentioning the Mario Marathon is sent by a female celebrity (Counts double if Britney Spears tweets since my wife said it would never happen)

Twitter I think we're being followed (unlocked)

Unlocked when 2,000 people follow @MarioMarathon on twitter

Joystiq Can I has Joystiq? (unlocked) is a BIG video game site. When Mario Marathon appeared there last year I knew we were going to be successful. Unlocked when a post about Mario Marathon 3 appears on Joystiq (DO NOT SPAM)

Penny Arcade Call from the Mega Corp (locked)

Unlocked when anyone from Penny Arcade calls into the Mario Marathon. (DO NOT SPAM)

DIGG / Reddit Can't we all just get along? (locked)

Digg and Reddit are often at odds as to what is newsworthy online. Who wants two identical news sources anyway? Unlocked when submissions discussing Mario Marathon 3 front page on both Reddit and Digg.